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In 2008, our founder Aaron Opfell was simple straight commission loan officer for a local mortgage lender in Citrus Heights, CA. As the mortgage crisis unfolded and fortunes were lost, Aaron got sick and tired of networks, referral sources, and lead vendors drying up on him. It was sell or “bounce the rent check” time so Aaron stepped up, took matters into his own hands and took control of his company’s web presence and the process of converting intangible online traffic into real commission checks that he could deposit into his physical bank account. Had Aaron known now the vast array of skills he would have to master in order to complete the task such as strategy, branding, marketing, advertising, CRM, email, AdWords, SEO, Web Design, programming (just to name a few) he says he would have never started! But his persistence paid off and word spread about his search and digital marketing results throughout Sacramento and California, and in time all around the world, in multiple languages and to small business and Fortune 500 clients alike today.

Digital Marketing is a complicated and dangerous game, that promises great rewards. SearcherMagnet helps companies navigate the maze of digital marketing by executing winning strategies around sales goals. An effective strategy allows us to design and implement the staffing, system and service solutions that are specific to your unique business model. See if we’re a fit for your situation today by getting started.

Meet The Team

Aaron Opfell

Founder & CEO

Richard Crabtrey


Prescilla Freetage

Operations Manager

Erin Kwok

UI/UX Designer

Leslie Canlas

Customer Service Lead

Gretchen Balingan


Kaye Valete

Executive Assistant

Augusto San Esteban

Web Developer

Cybil Faldean

UI/UX Designer

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