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10 Web Design Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your SEO

Having a website has a ton of practical benefits: it drives traffic, increases sales and maximizes customer engagement. The right search engine optimization tricks will raise you higher in online rankings and broaden your audience even further. SEO is much more than just clever keywords and links. Proper web design has a lot to do […]


What Not To Do When You Get A Raise

Your boss just gave you a raise. That’s great news. But here’s the unfortunate truth: The extra money you think will make such a difference won’t make any impact on your life if you don’t first eliminate your bad financial habits. Here, then, are five things you should never do after you get a raise. […]


Five Tricks for Marketing Through Visuals

There’s no denying that in the current marketing era, visual stimulation is key. Companies have to make expert use of visuals to take their marketing impact to the next level, and with the following tricks, so can you. Make Frequent Use of Faces in Your Visuals If you want have a better chance at immediately […]


How to Increase Your Followers and Subscribers

Increasing your followers and subscribers makes it easier to have an audience for marketing. As you release new products and services, it is your followers and subscribers who are most likely to be interested. Additionally, higher followers shows that you have a stronger reputation in the industry, thus attracting even more people to your brand. […]


Practical Marketing Approaches to a New Product Launch

Launching a new product is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking parts of running a business. You want to make sure you’re using the right marketing strategies to give your new product the attention it deserves and tailor it right to the audience you want to connect with. Assuming you have all the technical […]


Online Marketing Myths to Avoid

Marketing online should be something all business owners engage in. You need to get your name and brand out there and find more customers to spread the word. That said, there are some pitfalls you can’t avoid without at least knowing a little about the basics. This means you should take into account some of […]


7 Digital Coaching Myths… Debunked [Interview]

After attending Dalila Hernandez of Wolves Change Rivers talk on Digital Coaching at the Clifton Strengths Summit, I had to track her down and ask some additional questions. This interview is really interesting because Dalila absolutely shatters some of the biggest myths that are preventing coaches from practicing with online tools like skype and web […]


You Must Use AdWords Expanded Text Ads By Oct 26

What’s the deal with AdWords expanded text ads? Well, the standard AdWords text ad with Headline, Description line 1, and Description Line 2 is going away permanently as of October 26th. It’s replaced with a more mobile friendly format with 2 headlines and a longer description.  Essentially unchanged since 1999, the standard text ad is […]


The On-Demand, Digital Future of Coaching

I had the pleasure to attend the inaugural CliftonStrengths Summit in Omaha Monday the 18th, where I witnessed Paul Allen, Strengths Evangelist, in a perfect Steve Jobs moment, reveal the future to over 1000 Strengths professionals. As a technologist and marketer, I took 5 key takeaways from this incredible event. Takeaway #1: Now is a great […]


34 Strong Video Testimonial

  Want… More? More Sales, More Leads, More Results TRANSCRIPT  I’m no longer sitting on top of a bunch of information and a bunch of tools and techniques that I have no capacity on how to use that isn’t relevant to my business that I’m paying a lot of money for. Not only did we […]