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Google AdWords Consultant – A Business Case For Outsourced Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is a efficient and cost effective means of reaching your consumer and can be a successful opportunity to, not only increase your sales, but elevate product exposure and increase brand loyalty. However, it takes a comprehensive approach to Pay Per Click advertising management in order to accomplished the desired results. Just as with any marketing campaign, Pay Per Click advertising must be effectively managed and controlled to make the transition from opportunity into reality. While there are mechanisms in place to assist in making Pay Per Click advertising effective, it takes a skilled Adwords Consultant to navigate the intricate and occasionally overwhelming labyrinth of procedures, consistent updating and effective understanding and translation of the analytics involved to make your PPC marketing a success.

Understanding Pay Per Click

Google Adwords is by far the leading PPC network provider. With millions of transactions per day, it is easy to see the scope of how a PPC advertising campaign can benefit your business. The leading reasons for engaging in a PPC marketing campaign or enterprise is;

  • Around the Clock Reach to Consumers
  • Global or Local Reach of Advertising
  • Targeted to the Consumer
  • Flexible, Ads can be changed on the fly
  • Accountable and Measurable
  • Real Time Analytics

However, to take advantage of these benefits, your PPC advertising must not be a “fire and forget” type of marketing. Meaning that consistent and constant management must be in place to make use of these benefits and translate them into results for your company or business. This is the role of the Adwords Consultant.

Utilizing an Adwords Consultant

While there are unique marketing strategies and campaigns, Pay Per Click advertising and the utilization of Google Adwords are a different type of approach to marketing. Traditional marketing personnel are not always familiar with the nuances involved. Additionally, navigating a PPC campaign requires continued monitoring and adjustment to maintain the benefits of the PPC advertising. Many companies are not set up to provide this type of marketing structure and therefore must rely on dependable and robust outsourced consultants to make their campaign a success. By utilizing an Adword Consultant, your company or business has a cost effective means of achieving results from PPC advertising without having to burden the company with the necessary investment such an in house situation would incur. Outsourcing your PPC advertising and the management therein produces results while maintaining flexibility.

Engaging an Adwords Consultant maximizes the ROI for a PPC advertising campaign while minimizing the investment and thus ensuring that the PPC advertising is effectively managed, flexible and responsive to the needs of your company or business. With the continued growth and effectiveness of Pay Per Click Advertising, companies who are not reflexive to the demands of the consumer can find themselves lacking in opportunity. Working with an Adwords Consultant is the best possible means of making sure your advertising dollar is well spent and the returns are within expectations.


Business Financing & Your Marketing Budget

An entire industry has cropped up catering to the needs of these clever business individuals who know that the most important factor in a profitable business is ensuring that customers know you exist. These companies offer the kind of cash infusion that a successful entrepreneur can turn into a huge marketing campaign that can jumpstart their business. Let’s look at some of the options:

Short Term Cash: These companies offer solutions that are nearly instant, but provide some of the smallest investment. These can be perfect for the very early stages of a business where money is turning over quickly and the future is still too unstable to justify a larger or longer term investment. Companies that specialize in this market include:

  • Behalf: Free credit line up to $50,000 with improving terms as you repay the loan
  • Kabbage: 24/7 access to up to $100,000 in funding, accessible in just minutes
  • Fundbox: Specifically designed to repair cash flow deficiencies and give your business the time it needs to grow

Medium Term Loans: These offer a much larger investment to start your business from the ground up with a significant infusion of marketing awareness.

  • Dealstruck: $250,000 loans and up to $500,000 in credit lines can pay for a serious media campaign
  • Funding Circle: Business loans of up to $500,000 that can fund in as little as two weeks
  • Lending Club: Funding within a few days, with no collateral required for loans under $100,000

Crowdfunding: The explosion of crowdfunding over the last few years has opened up opportunities that would have seemed impossible ten years ago. This method offers huge advantages, including a very low risk and acting as a strong positive PR move all on its own. However, to truly capitalize, some amount of existing traffic or audience does need to exist. Crowdfunding can level the playing field and allow a very small start up the opportunity to operate with a significant budget

  • GoFundMe
  • Kickstarter

Long Term Loans: These are the sort of loans an entire business model is built around. They will be the largest available investment of cash and will determine the course of a business over years. Nonetheless, the largest return on investment is still to allocate as much as possible from one of these loans into an effective marketing budget.

  • SBA Loans
  • SmartBiz

Is Marketing Automation the Best Use of Your Budget?

In the world of online marketing, everyone is always hunting down the “next big thing”. Business owners, marketers and online advertisers all want to be as far ahead of the curve as possible, innovating and defining the next few months of market strategy. But in that race to be the furthest ahead, it can be easy to sometimes lose sight of the actual goal. At the end of the day, the goal of any marketing budget is one simple bottom line: ROI. If your strategy isn’t producing the highest possible ROI, it isn’t successful and it’s time to work on something else.

The first step in examining ROI is to determine the cost of a given strategy. While marketing automation may sound like it offers convenience, the hefty up front costs can quickly make the entire venture untenable to many businesses. Setup costs can begin in the thousands and only climb upwards from there, and monthly upkeep can be hundreds as well. This presents a position where you have now placed a significant up front investment into the strategy, meaning that if it fails to produce results, you’re unable to recoup any of that cost. Market experts project that as much as $120 billion will be spent on marketing automation in the next decade, ten times what is being spent today. That sort of growth may sound promising, but with a process that is untested in a vertical as volatile as marketing, you have a lot to lose.

One of the largest challenges that can come along with marketing automation is integrating it with all of your existing software. Many businesses these days are run almost entirely on computers and the internet. The number of software solutions your business utilizes may vary, but nearly every company is using something. Any marketing automation solution that you implement must integrate painlessly with the infrastructure you already have in place, and that is rarely the case. Issues can arise when attempting to complement your marketing automation to something as simple as your CRM (customer relationship management). Without access to this data, a marketing automation solution may not even be able to function.

That covers only the simplest of businesses. Many companies which would benefit from a marketing automation overhaul are direct response companies offering a service or product. This usually means that they are utilizing some form of ecommerce software, and this presents yet another failure point where your marketing automation must painlessly integrate. Even if you’re able to find a solution that does so, it may then not get along with your CRM. Your entire website may be built on a platform that you find out is incompatible with the marketing automation software you’ve chosen.

Lastly, marketing campaigns are an organic business. They can sometimes end up feeling more like an artform than an exact science. How to execute a specific strategy, when to change tactics, or what exactly needs to be done at any given time are questions that require a professional touch to answer. You may find that the automated solution you choose doesn’t properly set up a nurturing campaign to bring your leads from contact to close. It may not recognize the correct timing for a promotional campaign that could bring in significant business at a reduced cost. When all factors are considered–cost, convenience, and quality–marketing automation has yet to prove that it deserves your marketing budget.


PPC Management Companies – Services They Offer

When it comes to online marketing, PPC, or pay-per-click, campaigns offer some of the best results. Such a campaign can bring laser targeted visitors, increase leads and paying customers and allow your webpage to rank high in search engine rankings. However, PPC management can turn into a nightmare if you are not well-versed in Google Adwords. In fact, most businesses end up losing money without pay-per-click management companies, as they throw away their money on clicks that never convert.

PPC management is an art that comes from knowledge and experience. And, each company offering PPC-related services is different, but traditionally, they offer the following services related to PPC campaigns.

Managing-MCC-Account: If you create a PPC campaign, it is best to create an MCC (My Client Center) Account. A good PPC services company will always create, such as account for your business to manage your pay-per-click campaign. And, should you part ways with the company, you would still retain ownership of the account, which allows you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously. It comes with a single dashboard that lets company monitor and analyze each campaign to find which is working and which is not. This helps them tweak campaigns for maximum gains and ROI.

Keyword-Search: Many businesses who handle their own keyword search end up bidding for highly competitive keywords. Unfortunately, this is the wrong direction to take, as it will cause you to deplete your online marketing budget within no time without any result to show for it. PPC management companies know how to conduct a thorough keyword search and bid for just those keywords that will bring in targeted visitors without having to compete with other businesses.

Better-Click-Through-Rate: When you run an Adwords campaign, it is important you get the desired results. However, this is possible only if you can analyze each campaign and find out where you are going wrong and take corrective measures. Companies offering PPC management services tend to use Google Analytics for this purpose. Google Analytics is linked to your PPC account and studying the results, you get a detailed picture of how each campaign is performing. Using Google Analytics, you can boost your campaign’s AdRank and quality scores. When you do this, it helps improve the click-through rate, or CTR.

Enjoy Effective Results: There are horror stories all over the Internet that tell you about businesses losing their entire online marketing budget over PPC campaigns. Invariably this occurs because businesses don’t have the knowledge or experience to handle PPC campaigns. When you opt for PPC management services, you can easily compete with larger competitors even with small campaigns. With focus on the right keywords and phrases, you can easily use PPC to increase targeted visitors, thereby increasing sales. Such services know the areas that you should be spending your money on and this helps you avoid mistakes that other businesses make. Your campaign will always bid the right amount for important keywords while ensuring negative or highly competitive keywords are filtered out. When your online marketing budget is used prudently, it helps bring better results in the form of more leads and paying customers.

In addition, pay-per-click management companies also create ad copies that enjoy high rate of conversion and attractive landing pages with powerful call-to-action to support each campaign. However, the key is finding a PPC management company that has Google certification and hence, is a part of the reliable and trustworthy Google Partners program. This way you can rest assured knowing your PPC campaigns are in safe hands and your online marketing budget will be used optimally to get the results you envisaged.


How to Locate the Right Automated Marketing System For Your Business

Automated marketing systems are a great way to take your goals and put them into a form that works even when you’re not working. Done properly, this will generate sharing and distribute your marketing message far and wide, which is at the heart of building your funnel. At the same time, effective automated marketing is the heart and soul of turning potential buyers into buyers who come back again and again. The key is to choose the right system.

Revisits and Maintains Your Goals

One of the most important facets of automated marketing is its ability to continue to work constantly and consistently. The great part about this is, if you align it to your goals then those goals will be automatically pursued all of the time. The bad news is, if you aren’t visiting those goals it can lead your efforts way off course! When you’re being true to your original goals and your automated marketing program allows you to make those goals foremost, you’ll be successful with your automated system.

Works With Your Overall Strategy

Your communication style and the content you generate is vital to building any kind of marketing strategy. It’s sharing this content that really puts you over the edge and drives your marketing to the top of your class. When you share the right content with consistency, you’re marketing well. The consistency part is where your marketing automation comes in. With a properly built marketing automation platform, your message reaches the right customers and potential customers at just the right moment. Often, this moment comes at a specific point after they have already taken a step with you, such as giving you their email or downloading one piece of your marketing material that is helpful to them. You have ultimate control over when this happens, so choosing and testing the right moment is powerful.

Highly Specific and Targeted

There was a time when sending the same canned content to your entire list — or even a purchased list — may have worked. But those days are over. Nowadays, people want content that really suits them and will help to satisfy their needs. This content has got to be tailored to as specific a group as possible within your overall list. If you aren’t marketing to as tight a niche as possible, you’re going to burn up your list and have people jumping ship left and right.

Keeps Current Customers Involved and Engaged

The saying is that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and this couldn’t be more true. The people who have already bought from you are both statistically more likely to buy from you again and more likely to be satisfied with your offerings. Your automated marketing system needs to focus especially on keeping your best customers informed of what’s going on with you and up to date on the latest product offerings that are relevant to their needs. Otherwise, they may feel like you abandoned them.

Builds the Process on its Own

Building your process is one of the fun and exciting aspects of marketing, but there’s a difference between doing keyword research and striking deals with affiliates versus staying up all night to make sure your customers on another continent get your message at just the right tie of day. The right marketing automation system is one that will take care of the grunt work, which allows you to focus on the brain work.

There is a lot to finding the best possible marketing automation software. Search properly with your goals in mind, and your business grows exponentially!


Benefits of Using Pay Per Click PPC Management Services

Pay Per Click advertisement campaigns can be a successful means of achieving product exposure, brand loyalty, and increased sales. However, often PPC marketing suffers from a “set it and forget it” situation, where there is no continued management and control to ensure that the campaign is accomplishing the desired results. In just a scenario, the PPC marketing can actually become a hindrance to the overall marketing strategy of the business or company and potentially opening up the company to PPC fraud, which at best, results in a financial loss and at worse, liability concerns. Therefore, only a properly managed and controlled PPC marketing approach will result in positive terms for your company or business.

PPC Management

While PPC management can be accomplished by in house means, the overall effectiveness of a PPC campaign is enhanced by utilizing an external PPC Management service that can make sure your PPC marketing is getting the results intended. The advantages of using a PPC Management service are;

  • Consistent Quality Management
  • Direct Response
  • Reduction of PPC Click Fraud
  • Clear Management and Accountability

Consistent Quality Management is the antithesis of “Set it and Forget it.” A PPC managing service constantly checks and adjusts the PPC marketing materials and their direction, to make sure it is being as effective and targeted as possible.  The benefit of Direct Response is the ability to deal directly with any issues or concerns and potential problems that arise during the course of a PPC marketing campaign. This includes dealing with providers and advertising networks. Of course, all of this is part of the Clear Management and Accountability, but additionally, the CMA benefit allows your company to ability to control the situation and know, who, what, when, where and how to solve your concerns or problems with the PPC campaign. Finally, PPC Management helps prevent, reduce and control any and all instances of PPC Click Fraud, and thus provides a quick and determined response to any potential fraud concerns. Thus, in a practical sense, providing your company with a barrier of protection against PPC fraud or the potential for said fraud.

Engaging with a PPC Management service as a means to issue, maintain and manage your PPC marketing, is a cost effective and efficient solution to making sure your campaign provides the results intended. Even companies and business with internal marketing can benefit from partnering with a PPC Managing service. By offloading or outsourcing the PPC marketing to an external source, businesses and companies can focus on what they do best, while the service handles the PPC marketing.


PPC Click Fraud

Pay Per Click fraud represents a serious cost to both publishers and advertising network providers. No only can thousands of advertising dollars be effected but corporate goodwill and public perception can also be damaged due to PPC Click Fraud. Therefore it is essential for any party engaging in PPC advertising methodologies to employ proper techniques and services to detect, reduce and if necessary eliminate PPC Click Fraud. While all click fraud is impossible to control, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the exposure to PPC Click Fraud or at least reduce the consequences of click fraud.

What Is Click Fraud?

Click fraud is the intentional clicking on PPC ads with no actual interest in the product or services being advertised. According to various internet advertising services, the percentage of fraudulent clicks on PPC advertising is in the 17% to 29% range. Admittedly, some of these are consigned to accidental clicks but the majority are purpose driven, either to enhance revenue from the advertisement, reduce competition, revenge actions or for other fraudulent purposes. The result of which is to negatively impact the advertiser and to destroy confidence in the advertising network provider.

Click Fraud Detection

Plainly, reducing click fraud is important to all parties. Advertising network providers, such as Google’s AdWords, employ detective algorithms that attempt to identify fraudulent clicks and thereby reduce their impact. Additionally, Google uses a secondary system to analyze any remaining clicks to see if any fraudulent clicks passed through the first system. However, the onus is not only on the advertising network provider to reduce click fraud, as proper PPC procedures can also have an effect on PPC click fraud and thus publishers and advertisers also have to be involved in the prevention of click fraud.

Overall, this is a relatively simplistic explanation of PPC Click Fraud, but it has covered the basics. What is important for those who engage in and work with PPC advertisements is to employ the services of a PPC Management service. The reasons are also simple. PPC Management takes the overhead of developing and controlling click fraud from the company and uses the correct methodology to prevent or reduce click fraud. Because of the nature of PPC click fraud and the results, it is cost effective and more efficient to utilize a PPC Management concern than to attempt to monitor the PPC situation and detecting regime yourself, or on a company wide basis. The effect of click fraud can be mitigated to the point of making PPC advertising an effective means of increasing consumer awareness and sales. A PPC Management service is the best way to accomplish this, without exposing your company to excessive fraud in the PPC marketplace.


Adwords IP Address Exclusion

Adwords IP address exclusion is a powerful way to control your metrics and avoid accidentally affecting them via internal traffic. However, you can also use to prevent “spam clicking” by your competition. Keeping the IP addresses of your clicks solid will make sure that only the top quality clicks will impact your metrics or reach your sales team to be processed further.

What is Adwords IP Address Exclusion?

Adwords offers a powerful suite of tools that allow you to manage your entire experience. One of the more powerful versions of this tool suite is the ability to block certain Internet protocol or IP addresses from being logged in your analytics data. This can save you from having a lot of click issues that may seem like administrative silliness but that can cost you a lot of money down the line.

Maintaining Your Links

The use of Adwords IP address exclusion will make it far easier for you to maintain your links. Think for a second about how often you probably click on your own links, just to monitor the flow of a sale. If you haven’t checked out your own link process lately, you should definitely do so. Getting a “customer’s eye view” of how your business goes through the sale process can help you relate to their experience, which in turn will help you refine that experience. The easier and more pleasant your sales go, the more of them you’ll likely make. But when you click a link without IP address exclusion, you may accidentally end up paying for a sale that never happens. Considering that this is a fairly easy process, excluding your own IP address is a great step to take.

Avoiding Spam Clicking

Spam clicking is an unfortunate problem that many business owners face. When you offer a PPC reward, some unscrupulous website owners will click on your link in order to raise their own payment level. While you should ideally not be working with groups or individuals like that, sometimes the temptation is great even for the otherwise honest to take a few extra clicks. By using Adwords IP address exclusion to keep your associate websites honest, you remove this potential problem from ever becoming an issue.

Keeping Your Metrics Solid

Your metrics need to be carefully maintained, or you may fall victim to “market to everyone” syndrome. If your marketing efforts are not focused, you may be attracting buyers who ultimately end up being unsatisfied with what you produce. This wastes time at every level of your organization, and it can hurt your bottom line tremendously. By having the ability to exclude IP addresses, your focus can stay on your ideal customers instead of saturating less-viable ones.

This relates to Adwords IP address exclusion because in some cases, a given link becomes a hindrance instead of being an asset. When you exclude certain IP addresses, you enrich the quality of clicks you get the same way you filter out spam emails or screen your phone calls. Ultimately, you can keep your metrics data solid through the calculated use of IP address exclusion.

Managing Your Adwords

Managing your own Adwords account can be a challenge. After all, you’ve already got an entire business to run. In some cases, even keeping up with your own account’s Adwords IP address exclusion can be a burden. You may want to consider outsourcing the management of your Adwords campaigns to an outside company that specializes in just this kind of operation. The investment you make in outsourcing is generally an investment that ends up paying you several times over.


PPC Invalid Clicks

Engaging with consumers by utilizing web based advertising is essential to reaching the widest possible audience for any business. For many businesses this entails using Pay Per Click advertising, as this is an effective and efficient means of reaching consumers and new consumers in specific. PPC advertising, as implemented under Google Adwords, is by far the most productive among the different PPC facilitators. However, one of the pitfalls to using PPC advertising is the “Invalid Click.” Invalid clicks result in a significant loss to advertisers, should they not be detected and accounted for. In this regard, Google Adwords works diligently to anticipate, detect and eliminate invalid clicks so your business can reach the customers that are intended.

Invalid Click Detection

While advertisers are aware of the basics concerning invalid clicks, or clicks that are either accidental, the result of automated software or intentional fraud, the methodology used to detect and prevent them is less understood. It should be clear that no system is fool proof at determining the specific validity of each individual click and therefore, pattern analysis is typically the first line of defense in detecting and eliminating invalid clicks. Google’s Ad Traffic Quality team uses a variety of filters to detect PPC invalid clicks and these are recognized by the systems pattern analysis algorithms to detect and remove PPC invalid clicks to a specific ad. Once invalid clicks are recognized by pattern analysis, a secondary analysis takes place to determine if any potential PPC invalid clicks have passed the system which are then identified and a credit issued to the advertiser.

Why PPC Invalid Click Detection is Important

PPC invalid clicks costs more than just the advertisers, as it effects the publishers as well. Over the past decade, PPC Invalid clicks have been involved in several high profile litigations concerning click fraud. While not all invalid clicks are the result of fraud, it benefits all parties involved in the advertiser/publisher relationship to detect invalid clicks in order to maintain the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of any and all transactions involving Pay Per Click advertisements. Thus providing value and protection for both parties.

There is one other aspect to be considered when engaging with PPC advertising. Businesses can employ and engage with a PPC Management Agency that will facilitate the advertising aspects of Pay Per Click and therefore make sure that any and all value is utilized. By taking the opportunity of working with a PPC management agency, a company can be assured that they are receiving the most relevant traffic and that all measures are taken to ensure the validity of your PPC advertising.


PPC Click Fraud | Competitors Clicking on my Ads

Click fraud is a common problem that many PPC agencies have to deal with. Since invalid clicks are a constant and persistent threat to your marketing budget and ultimate set of goals, you need to engage this problem and defeat it as quickly as possible. Ultimately, you can identify when there are PPC competitors clicking on my ads and attempting to steal from you.

What are Invalid Clicks?

Google has a strict definition of invalid clicks. According to the official definition, an invalid click is any click on an ad that can be considered illegitimate. This can be via the use of software such as automated clicking tools or the use of robots, but can include any sort of zero-value clicking that a website owner or other competitor may use to penalize you or to falsely grow their own profits at your expense. Under normal circumstances, these clicks are automatically filtered out of your PPC report and you are not charged for them.

Can PPC Competitors Clicking On My Ads Be Beneficial?

Invalid clicking has several reasons for being bad for your business. Firstly, you do not receive the benefits of having a potential customer clicking through on your link. There is no potential sale here, so your link is wasted. Secondly, every time software or workers click on your ad, they are taking bandwidth away from you that should be used by your actual customers. Finally, having PPC competitors clicking on my ads will hurt you because you could end up paying your standard commission for absolutely no value added.

In time, your commission paid out will increase due to the number of clicks, which will further hinder your ability to service legitimate customers via your PPC campaign. For this reason, sometimes even website owners who host your ads will use invalid clicking to advance their own goals at your expense. Since their business model may depend on a certain number of click-throughs of your ad, having your ad be clicked numerous times without adding value to your business may seem to benefit them.

When your competitor or other dishonest entity clicks on your ads with the intention of disrupting your business, this can be disastrous. Fortunately, Google has put together a solid strategy for dealing with and overcoming this illegitimate clicking strategy. In most cases, you will not be penalized for your competitors’ dishonest attempts to harm your business. Your quality score will not be impacted by the dishonesty of others.

Can I Fight Back Against PPC Competitors Clicking On My Ads?

There is no direct method you can use against a nefarious attempt to illegitimately click on your ads without adding value to you. However, Google strongly discourages this practice. Firstly, most invalid clicks are caught almost instantly, such as robotic attempts to click on your ad multiple times. Even double clicking is almost always countered by not adding the clicks in question to your account summary. However, there are occasions when a set of clicks will get through.

In cases where a dishonest party uses illegitimate clicks and temporarily gets away with this, Google generally catches them. In these cases, you will be issued an invalid activity adjustment. While it is unlikely you will catch an invalid clicking attempt that Google’s software and team of professionals misses, if you do you may report this. In such a situation, Google will investigate the matter and may find in your favor. Get in contact with the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center and you can report anything that seems to be dishonest immediately.