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How Target-Rich Content Can Increase Leads and Sales

In many ways, using the internet is like a battle. Whether a soldier shoots a gun or a pilot drops a bomb, they have an intended target that they want to hit. Rather than weapons, in most cases, people use search engines to locate their intended targets. The websites that provide the most apparent and […]


Can I Finance my Marketing Campaign?

One of the top uses for business loan proceeds is funding marketing. But however you intend to use the funds, it can be confusing and difficult to tell the different financing types apart. So we’ve compiled some of the top funding sources by type of funding. These companies offer the kind of cash infusion that […]


Tips for Connecting with Customers Online

Are you using the internet to connect with your business’s customers? If not, you should be. According to Statista, nearly three-quarters of Americans have internet access, and more and more are using the internet for purchasing the things they need. By transitioning your business online, you’ll have an easier time reaching customers and generating sales. […]


Fire Your Website (Expires 4/20/2018)

Is your website misbehaving? Fire It! 7 signs you are in a bad relationship with your wesbite: You can’t easily edit content on it. The look and feel is outdated. It goes up and down without warning. It keeps getting hacked It’s slow. It doesn’t perform well on mobile. Your competitors have better websites. If […]


Maximizing Your SEO Audit to Improve Conversions

Some business owners and marketers are quite focused on getting new site visitors. While there is nothing wrong with trying to get new traffic, the problem is that giving your sole attention to increasing traffic often leads to neglecting your current traffic, which should not be the case. It is important to maximize the value […]


Image Compliance in the World of Digital Marketing

In the digital age, website owners, social media managers, bloggers, and writers all need attractive images to draw in visitors and users. Where these images come from, however, is crucial, because legal technicalities come into play. Copyright images is very important. What is copyright? Copyright is federal law that protects original works of authorship, which […]


6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a New Digital Marketing Strategy

As expected, you will need to fine tune your strategy once in awhile to make sure that it is still on par with your business needs. After all, it takes time, effort, experience, and technical acumen to create and implement the digital marketing strategy that effectively promotes your brand online and addresses its main points. […]


The Link Between Poor Web Layout And Low Conversions

This may not be common knowledge but we assure you that it’s true. Web layout does affect conversions. It has a huge impact on website conversion rate optimization. If your direct response website looks outdated, visitors will likely think that your products and services are not at par with modern standards. They will also begin […]


Most Common Software Problems for Modern Companies

With today’s advanced technology, many companies can now accomplish a lot more work than ever before. There are numerous software technologies that enable more productivity and efficiency in business tasks and daily activities. However, many companies neglect the importance of constantly upgrading their software for sustained functionality. Even with regular updates and upgrades of company’s […]


What is AdWords budget/overdelivery?

AdWords consultants know that the world of online advertising is never constant — it is not set in stone. You cannot expect ad auctions, competing advertisers, AdWords budget coverage, and even web queries to remain the same regardless of the efforts exerted by your chosen AdWords team. To keep up with these inevitable changes, Google […]