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Practical Tips to Help you Ace Copywriting for PPC Ads

So you’re done with the tedious research work for your PPC campaign. By now, you may already have your campaign specifics put together by an AdWords consultant. Does the hard work end there? No, it doesn’t! In fact, you’re just starting. With gruesome keyword research, budget, target market, Adwords CTR and other ways to improve […]


Spend Wisely and Reap the Rewards

If you constantly find yourself running short of money, the solution is to either make more or spend less. However, although you may have been given this advice, it is much easier said than done. Many people make it to adulthood with poor money managing skills, but the good news is that these are skills […]


4 Mistakes that are Killing the Success of your Display Ads

To the outside observer, it may seem that the pay per click platform is an enormous playground. But while you can indeed experiment and work around different types of display ads with just a few clicks, the reality is that display ads pull a lot of weight in your digital marketing plan. As such, even […]


4 Ways to Amplify your White Label PPC Campaigns

White label PPC campaigns carry a very strong potential when it comes to driving high quality traffic to your website. More than anything else, an effective PPC service also impacts conversions. But while these sound quite promising, the reality is that getting the right kind of traffic and converting qualified leads to actual sales revenues […]


5 Ways to Advertise Your Product Online

In this modern world, it is more than obvious that online advertising plays the central role in the world of advertisement. The old school ways of advertising a product such as flyers and magazines are not as good as the online media. Statistics show that only one of hundred flyers are successful. That is throwing […]


Why Should Your Website Have a Blog?

The idea of blogging isn’t a new one. For years, people have been using the internet to talk about their personal lives, their work, and their interests. At times, they even talk about things that they know nothing about. Businesses have also caught on to the blogging trend to the point it seems that it […]


Accelerating Conversions through Visual Content

It’s little wonder why more and more people are including visual content in their online marketing arsenal. Visual content enables business owners to get that spark of interest from their target audience. Not to mention that since visual content per se attracts the right customers, a professional display advertising agency’s visual content strategies – which […]


5 Reasons Hiring an AdWords Consultant Advances your Business

Google AdWords has become a major hit among businesses that want to explore paid online advertising. The lead generation possibilities it offers make it so. But despite the potentials of this platform, you should know that it will take more than creating a Google AdWords account (and running ads on the fly!) to seal its […]


The ABCs of Reviewing a PPC Brief

With the right ads, you can tap the right customer at the right time. This is how we explain the value of PPC in a nutshell. If you’re interested in starting a PPC campaign for your business, one of the first things a PPC consulting agency will ask you to do is to review a […]


How Website Security Affects Search Engine Optimization

In the world of growing spam links, spreading malware and rising botnets a secure website is the only one that can truly last. No one wants to become the next Sony, as companies now realize the devastating setbacks that can be experienced from a revenue and reputation standpoint whenever there occurs a cyber-security breach. A […]