Why Does Your Business Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Business owners of all sizes are typically hesitant to seek help from digital marketing agencies. Because they think they should be able to do the task themselves, most businesses hesitate paying someone to do their digital marketing. However, a digital marketing agency can be a gargantuan asset to any company of any size. The following information explains some of the benefits of choosing a digital marketing agency. 

Google AdWords Experts  

Digital marketing agencies are experts at managing AdWords campaigns. AdWords is Google’s advertising product that promotes brands through advertisements to consumers who are looking for similar products and services. AdWords, paid search, or pay-per-click advertisements are designed to effectively allow you to reach new customers at the exact moment they are considering making a purchasing decision. In addition to being featured in Google searches, you can also run AdWords on several of Google’s partner sites, such as YouTube. When you do so, you take advantage of the marketing opportunities of highly lucrative videos. Your third-party digital marketing agency will be able to link your Analytics to AdWords to guide you toward the highest ROI and favorable outcome. 

Get the Most Out of Google Partners

Some digital marketing agencies are certified Google Partners, which means they have earned a certification from Google about their AdWords and Google Analytics expertise. As a result of their certification, the agency will be much more effective at analyzing the performance data of the campaign and marketing efforts. Since AdWords is highly accountable and designed to help you increase your ROI, it’s essential your agency knows when and what changes to make to ensure you are getting the best return possible. 

Professional Marketers 

Few companies actually have the staff to dedicate to the tedious process of planning, implementing, and measuring online marketing. In contrast, digital marketing agencies are able to dedicate an entire team of marketing experts who are skilled in the latest and most effective techniques and approaches. As a result, you can use your digital marketing agency as a way to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. 

Understand Your Audience  

One of the most beneficial reasons to use a digital marketing agency are the analytics. These agencies are able to analyze the numbers and provide you with suggestions to bolster your campaign. More importantly, you will be able to better understand your clients and the most effective way to market to them. You will be able to see in black and white which of your strategies are working and the ones that are simply too expensive. In addition to analyzing the data, a digital marketing agency will also interpret the numbers so you will be able to make the most intelligible decision. As a result, you can use the implications to move your company closer to its mission. 

Better Brand Management 

When you use a digital marketing agency, your brand will be able to harness the power of integrated marketing. Integrated marketing is a holistic approach that allows businesses to get the most out of advertising by uniting under a single goal. When a company chooses a multi-marketing approach, each agency tends to work toward a different goal and communication is lost along the way. For example, if you are running a Twitter contest and your audience visits your website to learn more, but there isn’t any mention of the contest on your website. Your audience will be confused and have negative perception of your business. Integrated marketing through a digital agency allows you to more effectively manage your brand and meet the expectations of your audience. 


Effectively Using Paid Advertising To Get Website Visitors

If you are looking for a way to generate traffic to your website, paid advertising is worth your consideration. There are numerous paid advertising methods and the most effective are the ones offered through online services. While SEO and website content is important, these strategies don’t generate nearly the same traffic as online ads.

Ad Position

Before attempting to choose a paid advertising service, you should understand the meaning of ad position and ad rank. Most choose to have their ads placed somewhere on web search engine results pages. Ad position refers to the hierarchy of ads on such a page. Those with a #1 ad position will appear as the first ad on the page. Obviously, ads that appear higher up on the page will generate more traffic as more web surfers will see and click them. It is important to understand that ads can appear in more places than merely the top of a page. They can also be placed on the sides and bottom of pages as well. 

Ad Rank

Your ad position is determined according to your Ad Rank. This is a score that is determined by your auction bid as well as other variables like the quality score which includes the ad’s relevance, anticipated clickthrough rate and more. If you choose the cost per click bidding style, your bid is determined by the amount that you are willing to spend for each web surfer who clicks on the ad. If you’d like to improve your ad position, bump up your bid or spend some effort on designing a better ad. When you have the highest Ad Rank, your ad will secure the first eligible position on a search engine’s results page. The ad with the second highest Ad Rank will appear below the top ranked ad and so on.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an incredibly popular online advertising service. When using the service, it is imperative that you monitor your average ad position.  To do so, log into your AdWords account, click “Campaigns” and find the “Avg. Pos.” column on the statistics stable. You can optimize your AdWords ad position by connecting Google Analytics to your AdWords account. Doing so provides you with a means of analyzing visitor activity on your website. This data lets you see the number of people who visit your page from an AdWords advertising as well as the number of sales that directly stem from the service. This information is critical to using AdWords in the most effective way possible.


It is important to note that you can make day to day alterations of your AdWords account to tweak your settings and ad content to gauge what works best for your website. This means modifying tags, ad content, your website and more. Some businesses have gone as far as hiring a dedicated Webmaster and building relationships with online marketing experts who understand how to make services like AdWords work for their unique website.

Remember, there is no guarantee that AdWords will actually work. While many website owners have generated significant traffic as a result of the service, others have discovered that it isn’t effective. The key is to continuously check your Google Analytics data to see what percentage of your website’s traffic comes from AdWords and the number of those visitors who made a purchase.

If the service doesn’t work for you, don’t pull the plug right away. Oftentimes, it requires a “long view” before accurate results can manifest. Those who nurture and cultivate paid advertising techniques will find that they typically become more beneficial as time passes.


Google AdWords Consultant – Hire One Or Be One?

What is AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s advertising platform that lets businesses reach new customers by providing users with your information when they search for related terms. This means that your ad is displayed to people who are already looking for similar products or services to what you offer, giving you the power to target your customers and the websites that your ads appear on. The entire process is very customizable in terms of budgeting and impact, and in the right hands can be a very powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Reasons to Hire an AdWords Consultant

Many companies tend to think that SEO and PPC management is relatively simple and can be done in-house with a couple of employees from marketing and IT providing the knowledge base required for a successful AdWords campaign. However, if you’re new to the PPC market, it will probably cost less to hire an expert than to start and manage your own AdWords account. The reasons for this can include:

  • Tracking is a lot more complicated than it looks. Not only does a good PPC program need to track sales, it also needs to track the origin of these sales to evaluate the success of the PPE campaign. Analysis can discover which keywords and placements are generating the most conversions and revenue, and good analysis requires at least basic HTML skills, which most marketers don’t have.
  • Campaign settings can be confusing, even for seasoned marketers. An experienced AdWords consultant should be able to decide if the campaign is targeted on larger or smaller scale, and if different groups need to be set up for each of these regions. Without a clear understanding of the benefits of the various AdWords settings, it’s easy to overspend to get traffic that other companies pay pennies on the dollar for.
  • Click fraud can be a potential issue that is only detectable to a AdWords consultant, as it requires constant monitoring of stats and log files for suspicious activity and then reporting the activity to the search engine and requesting a refund. A novice user won’t have the gut instinct or technical expertise to address this problem correctly.
  • Keeping up with all the trends and changes can be difficult if it’s not your dedicated job. All good marketers have to keep up with trends, and it can be difficult for somebody who is not a dedicated AdWords consultant to juggle their attention between traditional and online marketing. An outsourced consultant will keep abreast of all latest developments so that you don’t have to.
  • Ultimately, training up somebody on AdWords in-house is a time-consuming and expensive process that may not produce guaranteed results. Hiring a AdWords consultant reduces the risk of poor results and give your other marketers time to do their job correctly without having to learn a completely new system of marketing, in addition to learning various IT skills such as HTML.


It is possible to find an in-house marketer that is willing to learn all the aspects of online marketing, but this will require plenty of training and will most likely still need phone calls to experts and a poor initial campaign that doesn’t generate enough revenue. If you are willing to risk a very poor ROI for the opportunity to have your own AdWords consultant, then you can do so. However, hiring a reputable PPC management firm can save you from a lot of the learning curve, and provide you with the benefits of a good AdWords campaign immediately, meaning you can reap the rewards much sooner than if you’d gone with the in-house route.


How to Use Google Adwords Effectively

Using Google’s online advertising medium AdWords as a marketing tool to increase sales requires a bit of strategy. Why terms such as Ad Rank and Quality Score are important to your online campaign are good to understand in this highly competitive marketplace. Google AdWords if used effectively will yield the desired results.  

Where You Stand

Your Ad Rank is where your advertisement is positioned on a page resulting from a search. It’s great if it lands in the number one position. However, there are several factors that affect when your ad rises to the top. Some factors include how much your bid is for the PPC (pay-per-click), the quality of your ad, and your website.

When developing your ad, it should be specific as possible.

  • General ads won’t work especially if you’re selling a popular item or service.
  • The keywords in your ad should relate to your landing pages. The landing pages should fulfill the promise in your Google AdWords.
  • Keep in mind that Google rates your ads. They have criteria for calculating your Quality Score. Check your score and retool as needed.

A bid is simply your cost of advertising. A large budget doesn’t necessarily equal a high rank on Google’s search engine. Other factors are keyword relevance and ads that pop. Ads that include extensions, such as addresses or phone numbers also impact searches.  

Google Tool-Box

My Client Center (MCC) will help you keep track of all of your client accounts in one spot. You can see all your Google AdWords accounts on one dashboard, run multiple reports, compare outcomes, and keep track of budgets.

Google Analytics is a great ad-on because it will monitor customer activity on your website. This is activity after the click. While it helps to know how many clicks your AdWords generate, what happens after the click is just as important. For example, when did clicks turn into sales? Having this information will optimize your ad’s effectiveness.

Google Partners is the next step after you’ve mastered analytics. It will give you access to additional training, events, updates, and will position you to obtain new clients. Google Partner requires certification.

When developing your ads, know your customer, what they want, and how to meet their need. Join the Google AdWords Community forum. It’s an informative opportunity to learn from others. These are professionals and novices willing to share tips and tools that work.

Google AdWords is an advertising solution for small and large businesses. Since you can set your own budget, it’s easy to jump in. You have the opportunity to experiment and reposition as needed. Understand that you should be prepared to stay with it long enough to see measureable results.


Benefits of a Paid Search Marketing Agency

Benefits of a Paid Search Marketing Agency

Thanks to the Internet, the world has become a smaller place. A website in the United States can easily sell its products or services to a client living in Japan. And, this is possible because of digital marketing strategies that online businesses adopt. However, with SEO being a long and arduous process before it can show results, most online businesses rely on PPC advertising to drive laser targeted traffic to their sites.

Business and Google Adwords

A PPC campaign requires a lot of knowledge and experience if it is to be done the right way. Unfortunately, many online business owners know how to create their Google Adwords campaigns, but don’t know how to manage it. As a result, they end up spending their budget with no result to show for it.

Setting and managing an Adwords campaign requires thorough understanding of how pay-per-click advertising works. This is the reason why businesses should be looking to hire paid search marketing agency.

Benefits of Using a Paid Search Marketing Professional

If you are still swaying between using and not using a paid search marketing agency, here are some convincing reasons that will help you make up your mind.

  • Monitor and Optimize Your Campaign: If you run an online business, you are already stretched thin and hardly have time to handle all aspects of your business. A PPC campaign would further stretch you, as it needs constant monitoring, analyzing and optimizing. This is needed to improve performance of the campaign, so that you get good ROI. A paid search marketing agency will be able to handle your campaign and you will be able to concentrate on important business matters.

Just make sure the agency opens a My Client Center (MCC) account, so that you still have control over all the Adwords campaigns even if you decide to stop using the agency. It is like a consolidated dashboard to keep track of various campaigns and also allows you to see what the agency is doing and whether the campaigns are working as promised by the agency.

  • Working Out the Complexities of Adwords: For a newbie, setting up an Adwords campaign can be quite intimidating. Just setting up incorrect geotargeting would mean great financial loss within a few minutes. This is just one example. There are many aspects to an Adwords campaign that need to be handled and set correctly for a campaign to be successful. This is best left to professionals, who are often Google Partners and have the relevant certification to show they know what they are doing. This way, you never have to worry about a poor performing campaign.
  • Selecting The Right Keywords: The success of your PPC campaign depends a lot on the keywords you choose. You can select high traffic keywords, but still not get conversions. This can deplete your advertising budget within minutes with nothing to show for it. A paid search marketing agency will get rid of poor performing keywords and use profitable keywords. This is an ongoing process that requires introducing new keywords to ensure maximal ROI from your campaigns.
  • Tracking, Analyzing and Optimizing for Success: A paid search marketing agency has the knowledge, expertise and manpower to track, analyze and optimize every single Adwords campaign. This is important, as it allows you to see where each conversion and sale originates from and using this data, you can scale up the campaign to get massive ROI. However, this does not happen in a jiffy and requires time and patience.

A paid search marketing agency will analyze every single data related to your campaign and this will give you a fair idea about your advertisement’s quality score and ad rank. Based on the data, which has to be constantly evaluated and reviewed, the Adwords campaign can be altered and changed to ensure increased and better ROI.

  • Creating Outstanding Ad Copy: One of the most important aspects of a PPC campaign is writing ad copies that attract visitors to click on your advertisement. You can have the best keywords in town and a spellbinding landing page, but none of this will prove effective if your ad copy is not strong enough to entice visitors to click on it. A good paid search marketing agency will study and understand your audience, competition, industry and business goals and then create the perfect ad copy to ensure conversions.

The Way Forward

The world of paid search and PPC is constantly evolving and changing. A good paid search marketing agency always keeps abreast of the latest changes and trends, so that new strategies and tool can be used to make campaigns successful. Such a professional agency has the know-how and expertise to focus completely on your campaign to get desired results.

In this highly competitive world of Internet marketing, it is best to let a professional handle your campaigns, so that you get a fabulous ROI and your money’s worth.


How to Choose The Best PPC Services

The end objective of most online activity is to attract visitors to a website. Once there, the goal is generally to have the visitor take some type of action, from providing an email address to buying something to clicking through on a link. Generating that traffic is accomplished through two basic methods. The first type of traffic is created by organic search visibility. This involves the use of such SEO tactics as keywords and relevant content. The second, and often most effective method, involves carefully planned and implemented Internet advertising.

An Important Item in the Internet Marketing Toolkit

From the earliest days of the commercial Internet, the concept of Pay-Per-Click has attracted attention as a primary form of advertising on the web. After a few ideas were floated, Goto.com, a startup later named Overture and now owned by Yahoo, introduced its concept at the annual TED conference in 1998. From that point forward, the PPC advertising model has risen to a highly utilized multibillion dollar business. The best PPC services help provide clients with an excellent return on their PPC spend.

In fact, Google’s survival and growth came in the earliest days, starting in 2000, from its offering of its proprietary AdWords. Early advertisers were charged on the basis of cost-per-thousand impressions, or CPM. With the introduction of Google PPC in 2002, other players followed, including Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. Today, BingAds is the PPC vehicle that operates as AdCenter.

As it is understood today, the best PPC services, such as SearcherMagnet, work with advertisers to select certain ways and methods to place ads on search results and web pages. When a web user clicks on that ad, the advertiser is charged an agreed-upon fee. This fee is split among the website owner and other players. The amount of spend on such ads is referred to as the ad investment spent to earn a click.

Matching Ads with Prospects

The role played by search engines is focused on keywords that generate specific search results. The placement of ads based on these keywords is generally driven by a bidding process, which can be managed by the best PPC services.

On the other hand, content-driven websites often sell placement, or banner ads, at a fixed price. In this situation, the best PPC services work with advertisers to select websites with content relative to their business and/or interests.

PPC offers a number of efficiencies to Internet marketers and advertisers. One version of the concept is centered on the affiliate concept and is fully implemented by the best PPC services. In this case, the goal is to generate interest from a sale made by an add click-through. Companies will pay affiliates a percentage of revenue generated rather than paying for the ads themselves. With this pay-for-performance approach, the risk in on the web page owner giving up their ad space. If no sales are generated, there is no return on that advertising space. Likewise, the company with the offer has no cost unless a revenue-producing sale occurs.

Websites most commonly match the PPC ads to keywords provided by the advertiser or merchant. The best PPC services use this process to ensure relevant ads are shown along with the content. Often called sponsored links or ads, they are physically located very close to the actual search results. On the other hand, website owners can specify any location they desire for the ads, allowing them to maximize potential revenue.

In the earliest days of rapidly growing use of PPC, there were a number of concerns over click fraud. This occurred in two primary ways. First, individuals could generate revenue by having individuals repeatedly click on selected ad. Since the revenue was prepaid by the advertiser, the income was assured. On the other hand, some competitors set about drying up a rival company’s PPC account by generating multiple clicks without any purchases being made. Today, however, Google has led the way with developing monitoring systems to detect such fraudulent uses of PPC. The best PPC services are adept at helping their clients avoid this potential problem.

Measurable Results

Aside from producing profitable returns on advertising spends, the best PPC services help their clients measure the effectiveness of their PPC programs with very detailed metrics and statistics. Increasingly sophisticated attribution models allow advertisers and the best PPC services to modify their spending in near real time. The key factors in the effectiveness of PPC include:

  • Quality of ads
  • Placement of ads
  • Frequency of ads
  • Relevancy of keywords used

The best PPC services also help clients determine the most effective programs for their ads, looking beyond such standard measures as click-through-rates, or CTR, and the actual cost per click, or pay-per-click

By the Numbers

Contrasted with traditional non-digital advertising expenditures, the marketer can calculate a precise value of their pay-per-click. The initial cost of the advertising, as noted above, is set either by bidding or as a flat rate. Once the total clicks on ads are calculated, the actual PPC cost is calculate. The best PPC services monitor the industry standards and can quickly compare the effectiveness of selected ads and campaigns. They work with advertisers and clients to determine how best to target true prospects. While precise targeting is the Holy Grail of all advertising, PPC is one of the most important Internet marketing tools that allows a very significant ability to focus on qualified prospects.

In addition to the initial targeting of the potential viewer of the ad, the best PPC agencies help their clients glean a number of other important insights from their campaigns. These include:

  • Intent to purchase
  • Level and type of interest
  • Location of viewer
  • Time of viewing including the day and specific time

All of this information is carefully studied by the best PPC services to modify existing campaigns and to design future advertising programs.

Flat versus Bid Pricing Models

It takes the best PPC services, such as SearcherMagnet, to properly educate advertisers concerning how rates are set for various keywords. The automated auction systems used by the search engines are primarly based on the Search Engine Results Page. If an ad is to be displayed on a SERP in a bid situation, the advertiser will determine their interest in a number of factors. These include those items listed above, as well as the ultimate placement of an ad on the SERP. Once a contract is signed and money deposited, the automated system will evaluate the bids on each search and award, and charge, the placement to the winning advertiser. There are a number of ways these bids are evaluated. Additionally, the major systems allow advertisers to use match types, most popularly in the exact, broad and phrase categories.

In some cases, the best PPC services will encourage their clients to use flat-rate PPC. This form of advertising is generally less expensive and used on a different type of website, such as comparison shopping engines. Placement is often a key factor in the pricing for these sites.

With this basic overview of PPC Internet advertising, it is worth the time any advertiser will invest with one of the best PPC services, such as SearcherMagnet to design and implement and effective campaign.


The Best PPC Management Company – How and Where to Find Them

Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are the most popular way of advertising on the internet. With a PPC campaign, you can determine how your visitors find your site. With PPC advertising, you only pay for clicks that take a visitor to your site, ensuring your advertising is successfully bringing traffic to your site.

If a potential visitor only sees your link, but does not click through, this is called an impression. In traditional PPC campaigns, you do not pay for impressions, though there are pricing models based on impressions, which generally charge per thousand impressions (CPM). Whether or not the purchase of impressions will work for your campaign depends on your product and target audience.

Proper PPC advertising is based on keyword selection. Well managed PPC advertising campaigns will bring traffic that achieves your goal: publicize an event, promote services, or sell goods. 

Quality VS. Quantity

Many advertising options rely on large quantities traffic to a site to provide new customers. In these type of advertising campaigns, it is expected that a significant percentage of the traffic will not purchase a service or product, and compensates for this by driving a very large quantity of traffic to your site.  On the other hand, PPC relies on quality traffic. PPC advertising strives only for well-targeted advertising, ensuring that your visitors are considerably more likely to purchase services or goods.

When an advertising campaign is properly targeted, visitors to your site are much more likely to:

  • Be looking for what you are advertising
  • Enter the site and look around
  • Complete a transaction or become a lead (i.e. convert)
  • Come from countries and regions that you are interested in
  • Return to visit your site again

Quality traffic will bring you a higher percentage of success, in terms of seeing your visitors completing a transaction or subscribing to the service that you provide.

Evaluate PPC Campaigns

To ensure that your advertising campaign is working as efficiently as possible, you can look at the conversion rate, or the percentage of your visitors that are converted from visitors into customers/ leads. High quality traffic will deliver a higher conversion rate. Conversion rate is another way of talking about your return on investment (ROI) and acquisition cost-per-visitor.

This is usually done through a tracking service. A tracking service will allow you to:

  • Monitor that clicks are effective and adjust campaigns if needed
  • Understand which keywords and search terms bring the most visitors
  • Decide which search engine brings the best results at the right price
  • Assist you to set a conversion rate and goals
  • Find your source of traffic: country, etc
  • Accountability through stats like:
    • Length of time spent on your page
    • Number of pages on your site viewed per visitor
    • Average number of page views from each search engine

Properly managing your advertising campaign is the only way to ensure a PPC campaign is successful. You want to ensure that you are regularly updating your keywords, vendors, and bids as often as your budget will allow. This will allow you to maximize results. 

Understanding your Tracking Data

As we’ve already noted, more low quality traffic does not provide a good source of new business. A tracking system will tell you if / why your traffic is low quality. Here are some reasons that a marketing campaign may be providing low quality traffic: 

  • Country of origin
    While some campaigns may not be as limited geographically, there is no point in advertising to a market that does not have a form of payment you accept. 
  • Length of visit duration
    Visit duration is an important statistic which tells you if people are interested in your site. How many pages do the visitors look at?
  • Phrase Matching
    Are the visitors presented with a link to your site when they search for a related keyword or search term? The worst-case scenario is when your link is presented randomly, or as a pop up. 

Buying PPC Advertising Traffic

There are many sources to purchase clicks from. It is usually best to try more than one service, and compare your results. Many sites use search results originating from a small number of search engines. A PPC vendor will offer two types of placement: ’Sponsored Search’ and ‘Content Match’. A sponsored search will put your ad outside of the results from the search engine, usually on the right, and sometimes at the very top before search results are listed. A content match places as described, placing your ad near articles, email content, forums, etc. You are likely to obtain a higher conversion rate with sponsored searches, but this will also cost more.

The advantage of paying for your traffic is that most campaigns can be implemented immediately, although it will take several hours to set up your first account. Depending on your budget, you can pay for a high ranking and see your advertising online within an hour. The disadvantage is that you have to pay every time a person clicks on your advertisement, even if they do not purchase anything. 

To get the most out of your PPC campaigns, ensure the campaign is accompanied by ongoing efforts to improve your pagerank and optimize your site for search engines. These results are free and cannot be directly purchased, although you can hire a company to perform search engine optimization (SEO) on your site.

Starting Your PPC Campaign

The best way to start a PPC campaign is to pick a few PPC accounts and run your campaigns for a set period of time and compare results. The standard setup procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Setup an account & add funds
  2. Choose your keywords & text
  3. Watch your traffic to evaluate your choice of text & keywords
  4. If needed, make adjustments your bids and/or budget 

Most PPC campaigns allow you to bid on your advertising position on a search page. Bidding can be very competitive, with advertisers paying above $5 per click. Consider your price an acquisition cost-per-customer when deciding what you are willing to bid.

Once your visitor arrives, you must ensure that they find what they are looking for. You want to be sure that your visitors either:

  • successfully complete an order
  • make a reservation
  • become a lead
  • sign up for a newsletter

Several studies have demonstrated that once a visitor makes a purchase on a site and effectively becomes a customer they are likely to return again. In this way a high acquisition cost can be justified, when ROI is taken into account.

Even though creating your first PPC advertising campaign may seem overwhelming at first, the results are worth the effort. With a little research, you can design your own campaign and reach a larger percentage of your target audience.


An SEO Consultant Can Increase Your Profits

Using an SEO consultant can help you attract more visitors to your website, find hidden opportunities for growth, and positively affect your bottom line. Your website is like your “open” sign to the world, you want to make sure that as many people see it as possible. In order to do this, you need to rank highly for certain keywords and terms that visitors, who would be interested in your website, would type in to a search engine. Typically, the higher up on the page you are for a search term, the more visitors you will have to your site. An SEO consultant can help out your business’ bottom line by:

  • Increasing the number of people visiting your site.
  • Targeting people who are interested specifically in what your are selling, and are ready to buy.
  • Providing you with quality content, making your website an authority source in your field.

Getting your Website More Visitors

The number of people you get to your website has a big effect on how profitable your business can be. More visitors will usually translate to more customers. The key to getting more visitors is to get increase your search engine ranking positions (SERPs). Focusing on only one keyword limits your possibilities, but the process of running your business makes it hard to do the work necessary to rank yourself for either your primary keyword, or additional ones. An SEO consultant does this work for you much more efficiently than you could do yourself, saving you time and money.

Targeting People Ready to Buy

Not only do you need to think about the number of people coming to your website, but you need to think about what type of mindset they have. When you go after visitors who are ready to spend money, you are increasing the ROI of your SEO budget. Finding these visitors is difficult, as your competitors will likely be trying to entice them to their site as well. You need your SERPs to be fairly high up for “buying” keywords, in order to get the type of visitors who will most likely become a customer. 

Becoming an Authority Source

If your website becomes so popular that it is considered to be an authority site on whatever your industry happens to be, you can gain both a lot of customers, and gain a lot of clout within your field. Authority websites are generally ranked in the first couple of spots in search engines for terms relating to what you do. Making your website an authority website will take time, but once you reach that mark, you should see a very nice increase in your profits. Becoming the go-to source for information in your industry can be worth a lot of money, and it is usually only possible by having a comprehensive online marketing plan, which is best carried out by an SEO consultant.

Hiring an SEO consultant can do a lot of good for just about any business or website, from something large and multi-national, to a one-man operation. Having a well-ranked website will bring the visitors in and give you a chance to convert them to a paying customer. The SEO consultant you choose should definitely have experience in ranking websites highly, and have a general understanding about what your potential customers have in mind when they type queries into search engines. 


PPC Management Services for Increased Traffic and Conversions

Pay per click advertising is a great way to drive a large amount of targeted traffic to your website, resulting in increased sales, and an increased bottom line. Managing a PPC campaign though can be time consuming with hours going into keyword research, increasing your quality score, and figuring out bids. Using a PPC management company to do the hard work for you can free up your time to concentrate more on dealing with the business itself, as opposed to the online advertising aspect of it. A PPC agency can help grow your business by doing things such as:

  • Increasing the amount of traffic to your website.
  • Give you higher quality traffic, leading to more conversions.
  • Optimize your ad copies for maximum CTR.
  • Find the right price for your keywords.

Increasing your Traffic

The amount of traffic you have coming into your website plays a large part in how effective your PPC campaigns will be. A PPC management company can increase the total number of people landing on your site by fine tuning everything about your ads. One of the benefits of using a PPC agency to increase your traffic is that you still retain ultimate control over your Google AdWords account, since most professional agencies use the My Client Center function on AdWords to manage your campaigns, and let you see what is going on. You can get access to the raw click data through your own AdWords account, letting you see progress over time.

Getting More Conversions

The traffic coming into your website has to be of high enough quality that there is a reasonable chance a visitor may either buy something, or turn into a lead. This can be easily tracked when you link your Google Analytics account with AdWords. Traffic quality can be controlled by a PPC management company by using specific filters to only target people who are interested in what you have to offer, and who have the ability to become a customer either now, or in the future. 

Perfecting your Ad Copies

Your ads should be eye-catching to potential visitors, but only to those who may be of value to you. Since you would be paying per click, your ads need to be tailored in such a way that, depending on your keywords, only certain people would be interested in clicking on it. As a Google Partner, we understand what it takes to make an ad copy that will get in enough traffic for your campaigns to be profitable, but not so much traffic that you get a lot of visitors who only stay for 30 seconds then leave. 

Bidding Correctly

Your PPC management company will always be looking for ways for you to get the most traffic, paying as little as possible per click, thus ensuring you have the highest ROI. This may include changing keywords, improving your quality score, or settling for an ad position further down the page. Bidding too high will run through your budget relatively quickly, while bidding too low will reduce the amount of traffic your website will see.

As a PPC management company, our job is to make sure you get the most out of your online advertising budget. Lots of time and effort goes into creating a successful PPC campaign, let us put our expertise to work for you. 


How Can a Google AdWords Consultant Boost Your Online Business?

How Can a Google AdWords Consultant Boost Your Online Business?

Online marketing campaigns can help your online business increase sales. However, the success of the campaigns are dependent on how well versed you are with Google Adwords. There is no doubt that you can run a successful PPC campaign, but choosing the right keywords and phrases require expertise that most online business owners do not possess. That is why it is best to work with an Adwords consultant, who can help you achieve your business and advertising goals.

How Can a Consultant Help You?

One of the main reasons online marketing campaigns fail is insufficient knowledge and expertise in planning and running the campaigns. Whether you intend spending a mere $10 or $100 a day, you should be looking at enjoying optimum ROI. The only way to achieve this is by hiring the services of a qualified consultant.

Manage Your MCC Account: Rather than managing your Adwords campaigns on your behalf, a good consultant will always manage your account as MCC (My Client Center) account. As a result, you will own and retain complete access to the account, while ensuring the consultant still has access and can run multiple Adwords campaigns on your behalf. The single dashboard will allow you to check and measure different campaigns and Adwords accounts.

Better ROI: When you work with an Adwords consultant, even a small PPC campaign can get you desired results. The footfalls to your website will increase as also the number of sales. For one, you will not be paying too much for the PPC campaign and this is one of the most common mistakes made by online business owners. The consultant can help identify the areas where you should spend your money to get best results. Furthermore, the consultant also will manage your bids and filter out negative keywords so that your marketing budget is used more wisely.

Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR): You can rest easy knowing you will see a better click-through rate when the Adwords consultant handles your online marketing campaign. Using Google Analytics and linking it to your Adwords account will give you a clear picture on how your campaign is performing. The consultant will be able to do this and as a result, you will be able to check your Quality Scores and AdRank which will improve with improved CTR.

In addition, the consultant will carry out keyword research on your behalf, test landing pages and even create high-converting ad copies. All these services will go a long way in improving your online marketing efforts and results.

Choosing the Right Adwords Consultant

With so many so-called consultants around, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. It is best to work with a consultant who is certified as part of the Google Partners program. Such a consultant will have Google certification to show his or her expertise in handling your Adwords campaign. Furthermore, the consultant should be able to show quantifiable results of previous clients and ready to discuss your goals in details. In addition, opt for an Adwords consultant who can assure you of long-term results.

Your online business has the potential to turn successful, as long as you know how to promote it. The Adwords consultant will not only promote your business, but also help your business stay competitive by helping you achieve your business goals. If you are not using the services of such a consultant, you are wasting your money, time and effort trying to promote your online business.