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The On-Demand, Digital Future of Coaching

I had the pleasure to attend the CliftonStrengths Summit in Omaha this past week, where I witnessed Paul Allen, Strengths Evangelist, in a perfect Steve Jobs moment, reveal the future to over 1000 Strengths professionals. As a technologist and marketer, I took 5 key takeaways from this incredible event. Takeaway #1: Now is a great time […]


34 Strong Video Testimonial

Would you like results like these? Watch the full case study video here  TRANSCRIPT  I’m no longer sitting on top of a bunch of information and a bunch of tools and techniques that I have no capacity on how to use that isn’t relevant to my business that I’m paying a lot of money for. […]


StrengthsFinder API : Benefits of White (Private) Labeling for Coaches & Consultants

What is an API? Application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact and APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.   What is StrengthsFinder? With over 13 million assessments delivered, StrengthsFinder is rapidly becoming the standard […]


Top 5 Coaching Assesment Tools & Technology API’s

Delivering client value through Assessments In a constant effort to provide their client’s value, Leadership consultants and executive coaches are not only wondering if they are using the right coaching assessment tool but are also searching for ways to customize and make the process their own. 90% of all professionals in this field use one […]


SearcherMagnet Sunsets MyControlClick Software For More Efficient Technology

SearcherMagnet, second company to come out of Hacker Lab in Sacramento, is a direct marketing agency dedicated to delivering internet sales using the latest technology. “SearcherMagnet reads the market and adapts to new and better technology to serve their clients,” said Aaron Opfell, owner of SearcherMagnet.  “With that philosophy and as the developer of MyControlClick […]


The complete List of Internet Marketing Services

By popular demand, our offerings have grown. Now presenting the entire scope of services, systems and staffing that we provide in 2016: Marketing Consulting Strategy Consulting Analytics Consulting Staffing Consulting Market Research Project Feasibility Keyword Research Custom Engagements Content Marketing / SEO Contract Writing NYT Bestselling Authors Affordable non published authors Bulk Content Content Syndication Backlink […]


SearcherMagnet Explainer Video

See what SearcherMagnet is all about in 30 seconds:


No tricks. Treat your website.

Free Photo or Video Package (value $600) With purchase of Website Design or Redesign by SearcherMagnet We also offer: -Sales & Marketing Funnels -Custom Programming -Mobile App Development -Search Engine Optimizaiton -Content Marketing Programs Fine Print With purchase and down payment, customer’s choice of A) Video Commercial – up to 30 second commercial message B) […]

Oct acquired By InternetWebBuilders.con

**Press Release** Alpha Web Hosting aquired by For Immediate Release Alpha Web Hosting, a web hosting and domain registrar, formerly a subsidiary of SearcherMagnet, has been aquired by SearcherMagnet’s expertise and core competency is internet marketing and advertising, and has formed a partnership to provide the level of web hosting and domain registration services […]


Lean Marketing with Adwords

Many people think of Adwords strictly as a direct-response tool for driving conversions. While it certainly does an admirable job of accomplishing this, treating that as its sole function is a disservice to the platform as a whole. One of the most underutilized functions Adwords can serve is Market Validation. Adwords is a fast, affordable […]