The ABCs of Reviewing a PPC Brief

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With the right ads, you can tap the right customer at the right time. This is how we explain the value of PPC in a nutshell. If you’re interested in starting a PPC campaign for your business, one of the first things a PPC consulting agency will ask you to do is to review a PPC brief.

The PPC Brief

A PPC brief is a document that identifies the general attributes of a PPC project. It serves as a guide for both the client and the adwords consultant regarding the specific elements of the PPC campaign. At SearcherMagnet, we ask our clients to review a PPC brief to help ensure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to the requirements of the PPC campaign.

In this document, we have categorized common questions about the PPC campaign to make it easier for you to review the brief.


A Google AdWords account is an essential element in your PPC campaign as this is where we will create, publish and manage the ads. Some of the more common questions we get about Google AdWords accounts are:

How are we billed?

Most Google AdWords accounts are billed automatically. With this automatic billing payments, your bill will come through 30 days after your last payment was posted.
A manual payment may also be offered but it is not allowed in US and Canada.

To whom should we give our billing information to?

Since we will administer your Google AdWords account, you may entrust your billing information with us. Our PPC manager will personally see to the task of inputting your billing information into your Google AdWords account.

How can we access the AdWords account?

Google AdWords accounts enable multiple user access. As the administrator of your account, we will be the one to grant you that access.


While you do not need to get involved in the nitty-gritty tasks of the PPC project, you will have to read and acknowledge the campaign specifics.

What are campaign specifics?

Campaign specifics include the goals, budget, targeting and audience of your ads. Both parties need to agree on the campaign specific before our team starts working on the ads.

Your PPC ads need to appeal to your modeled customers and we can do this better if we are clear on the goals you want to set for your campaign and the clients you want to tap, among many others.


Creating and publishing your PPC ads in a way that would appeal to your target audience demands extensive research and advanced PPC skills from our end. Our PPC team will guide you through the steps. To kick this off, we will answer your most pressing questions about PPC ads.

How do I review ad extensions or promotional text?
Since you will have an access to your Google AdWords account, you may view the ad extension and promotional text anytime. Upon request, we may also create a review extension for you so that you may be able to comment on the ads. Your comments will not be viewed publicly.

Can I rewrite your ads and write my own ads?
There are stringent ad copywriting rules on character limit and formatting. To ensure delivering the results we have agreed upon, we suggest that you leave the content of the ads to our PPC team. Otherwise, we will not be held accountable when we fail to hit our target.

I don’t like the phrasing or tone in the ads. How do I communicate this?
If you disagree with the way the ads were written, you may communicate your suggestions to out PPC team so that we may discuss proposed changes with you.

You used a word or phrase that is illegal or high risk. How do we prevent this in the future?
We will identify illegal or high risk terms before we start your PPC campaign. But in the event that we used a new word or phrase that does not sit well in your industry, you may point out the suggestions to our team. We will keep track of these words as we go along so that they will no longer appear in your ads.

What was the process used to develop the ads, was it based on our competitors?
A number of factors will be put into play when it comes to developing the ads. Some of these factors include the device that your ads will be optimized for, the target audience and the industry that your business belongs to. The recommendations will come through as soon as our PPC team is able to assess your requirements thoroughly.

I don’t understand how the ads differ between mobile, tablet and desktop.
In a nutshell, the main reason an ad for mobile, tablet, and desktop differ from one another is because screen size has an effect in how ads are viewed. To that end, we will put together different ad copywriting strategies to optimize the PPC ads depending on the device used by your target audience.


Our PPC consultant will conduct an intensive keyword research and analysis before making final recommendations. On your part, you need to take a look at these keywords to fill any possible gap between your business and our recommended list.

What are negative keywords?

The simplest explanation is that negative keywords are keywords that are used as a filter. AdWords picks up on the use of these negative keywords by not showing your ads when prospects search for these words.

Can I add additional broad keywords?
You are free to suggest broad keywords. However, using these broad keywords will be subject to an in-depth keyword research conducted by our PPC team. If these keywords are not ideal for your campaign based on our analysis, we will have to veto your suggestions.

I disagree with your choice of keywords or ad groups. Can we still make adjustments?
The keywords recommended by our PC team are chosen based on a thorough keyword research and analysis. But if you disagree with our recommended keywords, we may discuss the merits of your proposed changes and make adjustments if necessary.

A PPC brief dictates the course of the PPC campaign. Without a brief, the PPC campaign will likely swerve in different directions. In general, we recommend that you two simple rules when reviewing the PPC brief:

Ask about unfamiliar terms.
You may have encountered unfamiliar terms or PPC jargons while reviewing the PPC brief. To eliminate confusion and to make sure that everyone is on the same page, do not hesitate to ask questions and make clarifications about these terms.

Reach out for changes.
Call our attention immediately if you have an item to add, omit, or replace. Making changes prior to execution will help us deliver satisfactory results without unnecessarily delaying the project.

While the PPC brief and the expertise of the PPC consulting agency an important role in the success of the project, the PPC project cannot run its full course without your approval and consensus. After all, nobody knows your business the way you do.

Avoid misaligned strategies and get your PPC project done right. At SearcherMagnet, we have a proven track record in delivering successful PPC campaigns. Schedule a free consultation with us today!


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