Is A Separate Landing Page Always Necessary When Creating An Adwords Campaign?

Questions |  By on Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Hi, I’m Aaron Opfell, founder and owner of Searchermagnet. A boutique digital marketing agency. Today’s question comes from Quora. Quora asks, is a separate landing page always necessary when creating an Adwords campaign? The short answer is, maybe. It depends on what the type of the campaign is. Is it product listing ad campaign or marketing ad campaign, there may not be a need to create a separate landing page. Right. Because those have specific requirements. Now, we are talking about the situation. Let’s say about a very common situation. Let’s say a campaign a classic examples, blue widgets. I got this campaign that got all this blue widget related terms and I am noticing that inside of campaign, some of the terms more specific terms like blue green widget are performing better. I wanted to break that out, the blue green keywords under their own campaign. Right? As a form of campaign optimization. Then, yes. It would probably be good to create a page about blue green widget because of quality score. If the quality score of the page is high, of the landing page is high, then ergo, then the critical rate will be higher, the commercial rate will be higher then the quality score will be higher. Cost lower. Everything will be better with that campaign. And so for the performance, the average performance aspect, I would say most of the time, yes, it’s necessary. If you wanted to save. You know, if you want to be efficient about your budget. You’ll save money.


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