Showing A Profit In 2019?

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The holidays are upon us! Here at SearcherMagnet, we like to find ways to celebrate. Many business owners are forced to look at this time of year with a sense of dread, because in addition to the holidays, it’s about time to close the books for the year, and that means evaluating your upcoming tax burden. We want to put some joy back into that part of your year. Here’s a simple way to reduce taxable business income:

  • Purchase a Marketing or Advertising campaign from SearcherMagnet before December 31 and prepay. You get the best of both worlds: expense is accrued in 2019, and you reap the profits in Q1 2020

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get a New Website, Landing Page Funnel, Email or Marketing Automation Sequence, Video Marketing Campaign, Mobile App or PPC Campaign, this is it!

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