PPC Waste Reduction Process

PPC Waste Reduction Process

Where’s the waste?

There are a lot of moving parts in PPC and shiny objects appear daily. In our experience, any waste identified in the PPC account signals system shock. The good news is that a permanent solution starts with clearly and accurately determining root cause. Here’s how we do that:

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1.   Sales Results

Begin With End in Mind
We deeply listen with the intent of understanding your current situation and revenue targets moving forward. We benchmark your strategy to your competition. Will your current strategy achieve your goal?

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2.   PPC Audit

Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords
Searching and fearless inventory of your PPC Account. Identify irrelevant targeting and keywords. Calculate opportunity costs. Identify nonperforming formats and targeting. What’s cosmetic vs structural damage?

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3.   Technology

Man vs Machine
Technology works great, until it doesn’t. Map the chokepoints between Landing Pages, Call Tracking, Email Nurturing, CRM, Web Analytics, and more.  Is your technology doing the right thing at the right time?

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4.   Environment

Your Presence in the Market
We then crawl through every inch of your customer experience, starting with your brand reputation and going as far as mystery shopping the sales team. How much alignment is there between sales and marketing?

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