In 2005, our founder Aaron Opfell was making cold calls in the boiler room of a Citrus Heights, CA mortgage operation. As the market turned, so did every lead source. Referrals dried up, lists stopped responding, lead aggregators lied.

So Aaron took the company digital, transforming the web presence and crafting lead generation systems so productive they satisfied the entire sales team, catapulting him to VP of Sales & Marketing at the tender age of 22. 

Aaron realized that lead generation was just the beginning as the story spread;  so many people came for advice that in 2008 he founded SearcherMagnet, originally to offer consulting.

Today, SearcherMagnet has emerged as a white glove, integrated consultative agency that connects all the parts that go into aggressive sales growth.

We’re the only agency that guarantees you’ll hit your sales targets. Learn How

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Systematically root out all forms of lead generation waste, providing a performance-guaranteed, integrated, direct response solution that achieves our client’s sales goals, guaranteed.


One day become the recognized knowledge leader and educator in digital lead generation, for the North American and Asia Pacific region, digitally transforming and growing service providers.


1. Integrity

Clarity. Open and honest dialogue. Frank, direct, clear communication. Lean production, standard operating procedure, root cause analysis (5 Whys). Promises made by sales are delivered in production. One hand to our employees, clients, vendors and partners.

2. Self-Knowledge

We are self aware. Each day, we strive to be a better organization than we were yesterday.  A craving for accurate feedback. Self examination, Self criticism, Self Awareness and Self Understanding.

3. Vision

We are Futurists who see around corners and over horizons, sensing that which can or may be. Yet ideas without action are like cars without engines.  Realizing our vision is an iterative process- clearly seeing and defining the future, bringing it closer into existence.

4. Teach & Mentor

We remain teachable. Success is when the student becomes the master. Our best mentors are our mistakes – and our only real failure, is failure to learn. Such is the belief of not just leadership, but at every level of the organization down to personal development.


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Simply stated, the SearcherMagnet agency is a “Results Culture”. We operate in a independent, reliable, organized fashion. We make decisions in a formal, strict, hierarchical manner. Our communication style is direct, persuasive, open, honest and forward. Our culture is simply an execution framework around our core values.

Such a clearly defined, bright culture did not take place overnight, instead the result of painful failure over the years. The resulting clarity of identity, singleness of purpose, and deeply held values has since lit the path forward, and we welcome clients, vendors and partners who can relate.


1. LEADERSHIP  Our business focus and value proposition converges into a singular strategy: client results. We believe that results mean positive return on your investment. We’re available to discuss results anytime.

2. MEDIUM  Unlike dinosaur Radio, TV, Outdoor or Print agencies, we are technologists at heart who are constantly learning, surfing the latest trends, and obsessing over the bleeding edge of digital advertising.

3. INFLUENCE  Unlike fat corporate agencies, SearcherMagnet doesn’t answer to investors or shareholders. Furthermore, we don’t take media kickbacks or incentives, so there’s no pressure to increase ad spend. In fact, our clients typically initially reduce their spend, cutting waste rooted out in the Audit process. Here’s to our mutual best interests.

4. LISTENING  Unlike agencies with high pressure salespeople, SearcherMagnet provides consultation with true understanding of core business issues. This is so critical that Aaron does it personally. He feels prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

5. METHODOLOGY  Unlike creative agencies who are obsessed with awards,  impressions, share of voice, and “branding”, SearcherMagnet trades in measurable financial outcomes. Direct response is the name of our game.

6. DISCIPLINE  Unlike most digital ad agencies, SearcherMagnet has realized that we get our best results for certain clients- clients that have to generate leads in order to stay in business. Avoiding other advertising use cases such as Ecommerce, Nonprofit and Political, leads us to mastery of business and consumer lead generation.

7. SPECIALIZATION  Unlike wallflower generalist agencies, SearcherMagnet is vertically integrated and sub-specialized into the Legal, Lending and Consulting verticals. What that means for service providers that fall into this classification is the ability to tap into a deep, industry network which can increase sales and while reducing operating costs.