• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Setting up your digital advertising campaigns and maintaining them involves continuous monitoring and adjustments. It will require a lot of your time to say the least. By using AI-powered PPC tools, it will be easier for you to automate some parts of the PPC process.
  • Attribution

    • Attribution is the process of linking users’ actions to a campaign. By placing conversion codes on your website, you will automatically receive alerts if something valuable happens at your site.
  • Bid Management

    • Managing your AdWords account effectively requires acquiring the most relevant list of keywords for your campaigns and monitoring bids for those keywords. Oftentimes, it also becomes necessary to make adjustments to your bids based on your assessment of what is working for your campaigns.
  • Call Tracking

    • An effective PPC campaign generates a significant amount of phone leads. Through call tracking, you will be able to identify where the phone leads originate from and which keyword contributed to that phone conversion.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    • Integrating your Customer Relations Management system with your PPC campaigns allows you to target new customers that are similar to existing customers. When you use this data to your advantage, you can easily take your digital advertising campaigns to the next level.


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James Sharp

“SearcherMagnet’s PPC audit revealed millions of dollars in wasted ad spend. SearcherMagnet took the time to deeply understand our concerns, then fixed our entire lead generation platform from landing pages, to measurement all the way to CRM. They work like an outsourced CMO, deeply integrated into our business, collaborating with my compliance officer and marketing manager. They even worked directly with my loan officers on lead quality – I’m told by some of our veterans these are the best leads in 10 years. All told, they’ve reduced my PPC cost per funded loan 521.48% so far. Sold.”

Darren Virasammy

“I’m no longer sitting on top of a bunch of information and a bunch of tools and techniques that I have no capacity to use and is irrelevant to my business but I am paying a lot of money for. Not only did we had a major reduction in cost, we also had a major increase in useful, tangible information… SearcherMagnet has been willing to stand right by us, alongside us, and operate more as a partner in this endeavor than as an outside service provider. They have been asking questions to us, whiteboarding with us, going through things to flush out ideas in ways that I just have not seen in others, frankly.”