“The experience of SearcherMagnet allowed my firm to look at our project from many angles including hosting, development cost, maintenance, design, copy, marketing, and an advertising plan that extends beyond online.Without this strategic view, we would never have had the confidence to turn my pet project into a live project.”

George Mull
Attorney At Law


“I have had a long-standing relationship with SearcherMagnet since 2007. In that time, SearcherMagnet has helped me develop several high-converting and well-responding pages for my credit repair business. They were also able to help me rank highly on very competitive credit repair related terms both locally and nationally.”

Randall Britt
Owner / Credit Financial Planning


“SearcherMagnet was instrumental in consulting with us about marketing strategies and provided critical advice to help us acquire members and to grow our nonprofit. They kept an open mind at all times, were able to see my vision, and were able to work with our crowd-sourced budget.”

Gina Lujan
Happiness Engineer / HackerLab


“SearcherMagnet did several niche SEO campaigns for my company. I was initially very skeptical, because my business is highly specialized, highly competitive, and totally old school. Despite my initial reservations, Aaron was able to increase my visibility and traffic through the use of highly creative direct-response websites and hyper-targeted SEO campaigns.”

Trey Morris
Regional VP / Diversified Cementing Products


“SearcherMagnet is an amazing complement to our existing offering. It allows our agency to draw upon the resources of a company completely devoted to technology and enables us to service clients in an efficient and professional manner. Our partnership is rock solid and continues to take us to new places that generate additional sales. We are grateful that SearcherMagnet is in our corner.”

Amanda Jones
Director of Media Operations / Lincoln Media


“We’ve tried just about every kind of advertising campaign — including a booth at Oakland Coliseum. None of them brought us business. Until SearcherMagnet. Aaron and his team built some websites for us and ran AdWords to them. The last time we ran the numbers, it works out for every $1 we put in, we get about $50 out. We know 5000% return isn’t typical but we can only hope it keeps up! We’re growing like crazy.”

Kelli Lazalier
Owner / Premier Turf


“It was frustrating to hire and fire multiple vendors who did not understand advertising compliance. Things changed when we engaged with SearcherMagnet. SearcherMagnet has been expertly managing our PPC campaigns since 2014. They even helped us achieve 400% ROAS (return on ad spend).”

Chaz Hatfield
Co-Founder / Pulsaderm


“In the business of mortgage marketing, there are many scams and unscrupulous lead brokers. It is very hard to find a company that you can trust. I can trust SearcherMagnet with my mortgage marketing and website, and they help me to this day outrank and outshine my local Sacramento competition.”

John Arvanitis
Broker / Sunrise Vista Mortgage


“SearcherMagnet’s PPC audit revealed millions of dollars in wasted ad spend. SearcherMagnet took the time to deeply understand our concerns, then fixed our entire lead generation platform from landing pages, to measurement all the way to CRM. They work like an outsourced CMO, deeply integrated into our business, collaborating with my compliance officer and marketing manager. They even worked directly with my loan officers on lead quality – I’m told by some of our veterans these are the best leads in 10 years. All told, they’ve reduced my PPC cost per funded loan 521.48% so far. Sold”

James Sharp
EVP National Production / Texas Lending


“Commercial real estate development is stuck in past, but Tri-Land Properties vision was of a digital future. So we were pleasantly surprised with how SearcherMagnet’s consulting sort of brought the future to us. We do many things in house, but we’ve been happy to hand off the details web design, facebook ads, adwords ads, landing pages, and research to the SearcherMagnet execution team. They help us pave the future of the digital commercial real estate market for Tri-Land.”

RJ Johnson
Business Development Executive / Tri-land Properties Inc.


“As an early stage startup with a B2C app, you need a customer acquisition method that investors approve of. The experience was exact, timely and educational as we optimized from a micro test budget to a competitive metro campaign in the SF Bay Area. In just 6 months, they helped reduce our Cost per Install 737% from $34.53 to just $4.68. ”

Geoff Fleming
VP Product Management / Windchime Health



“I’m no longer sitting on top of a bunch of information and a bunch of tools and techniques that I have no capacity to use and is irrelevant to my business but I am paying a lot of money for. Not only did we had a major reduction in cost, we also had a major increase in useful, tangible information. Aaron is definitely the person you would want to contact. SearcherMagnet has been willing to stand right by us, alongside us, and operate more as a partner in this endeavor than as an outside service provider. They have been asking questions to us, whiteboarding with us, going through things to flush out ideas in ways that I just have not seen in others, frankly.”

Darren Virassammy
COO / 34 Strong