What is a Good Landing Page in Google Ads?

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No channel is as accountable as PPC advertising with regards to marketing spend ROI. Formulating effective Google Ad landing pages is critical for greater volume of conversions and better ROI.

Creating a landing page that facilitates your overall PPC campaign is never an easy task. A well-strategized and optimized PPC campaign is only half the puzzle. For a more successful campaign, you must implement Google Ad landing pages that drive more conversions.

What Are the Elements of a Great Landing Page?

Herein are some key pillars of a great landing page that you should be aware of:

  • Relevance and Usefulness – Google’s bots index the page title and content to determine how relevant the keyphrases on the landing page are to a search query and your ad. Search terms must appear on your Ad and several elements in your landing page.
  • High Transparency and Trustworthiness – Providing content that builds trust is important. A landing page should incorporate social proof elements such as logos of accreditation or customer testimonials.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Your brief and impactful USP should be detailed on the main headline and supporting headline.
  • Hero Shot – Video or image showcasing the context of the use.
  • Benefits Your Provide – This should be represented by a bulleted list summary of your offerings.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) – This is the highlight of the landing page and has a single conversion goal.

How We Can Help You

Creating an effective Google Ad landing page takes time and detailed planning. We are here to help you reach your desired PPC campaign results. From selecting the right phrases for your CTAs to deciding design and color schemes – your landing page has to represent the uniqueness of your brand and drive conversions. 

We will help you realize this by:

  1. Crafting from scratch A-level Google Ad landing pages
  2. Determining the right message match
  3. Ascertaining the perfect ratio between interactive elements and campaign conversion goals (attention ratio).
  4. Linking the landing page vision to your sole marketing goal
  5. Enticing visitors to complete the single action you offer
  6. Aid you in creating a lead generation campaign

Overall, your landing page is as important or possibly more important than other aspects of your PPC campaign. This is where conversion takes place, and your money is made. 

CONTACT US today if you seek to create profitable landing pages that increase conversions, offer better ROI, and lower CPA.


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