4 Mistakes that are Killing the Success of your Display Ads

PPC |  By on Monday, August 7, 2017

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To the outside observer, it may seem that the pay per click platform is an enormous playground. But while you can indeed experiment and work around different types of display ads with just a few clicks, the reality is that display ads pull a lot of weight in your digital marketing plan. As such, even the most common pitfalls in your campaigns come with its own high costs – they should not be dismissed.

To help roll out better display ads when you team up with an advertising agency, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Not quite getting your target audience.

We all know for a fact that the no. 1 rule in reaching out to your target market is to identify the customers you want to tap. But it doesn’t end there. With persona identification out of the way, the next thing to focus on is to create content that your modelled customers can relate to. Unless you learn to speak their language, you won’t be able to get through them.

Banking too much on the consumeristic approach.

Consumers nowadays have a different mindset. The more you show them an ad that is double coated with sales pitches, the more they’ll think twice about patronizing your brand. In fact, it may even cause them to turn the other way. If you want to appeal to your customers, try a different tactic. Preferably, one that isn’t too hard sell. Try to tone down the look and feel of your display ads. You’ll see the difference soon enough.

Not tweaking your ad copies.

The power of Google Display Network is that you can run and pause campaigns with just a few clicks. Make good use of this opportunity to test your ad copies. Once you have carefully assessed your ad copies, you can start making changes to improve your ads. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your resources on display ads that are not even appealing to your target audience.

Forgetting to proofread.

Whether you forget to proofread or you thought it was unnecessary is irrelevant. What matters is that moving forward, you should always check your display ads before running them. If you don’t do this, you will miss out on correcting the possible errors on your ads. Your links could be wrong, your phone number could miss a digit or two. It may seem trivial but in the long run, you’ll see how it pays to be extra careful about these things.

The time, effort, and money you’re putting into your display ads are important resources. Don’t let it go to waste by making – and repeating – the same mistakes when running your ads. Keep a close eye on your ads and make sure they perform at their peak. These ads are your ticket to targeted traffic, more conversions, and higher sales revenues.

Like other digital marketing and advertising agencies, SearcherMagnet, knows how far your business could go with a strong online marketing plan in place, especially if that plan makes good use of the pay per click platform to urge target customers to take action. On the lookout for a custom strategy that maximizes the use of different types of display ads? Click here to book a free consultation with Aaron Opfell.


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