Reverse Mortgage Case Study Video

Advertising Testimonials |  By on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

swatch - Reverse Mortgage Case Study Video

During my time as VP of Marketing at Reverse Mortgage Solutions, my primary goal was to build and scale our sales organization. We had seen a dip off in TV lead generation, and we needed to get into the digital space. With the help of Aaron and his team at SearcherMagnet, we went from 11 to 220 funded units per month. We saw our lead acquisition costs decrease and our profitability increase.

What Aaron was really able to bring to the table was an in-depth understanding of key terms and their applications; for example, if someone were to search “reverse mortgage education”, that would go to our educators. “How could I lose my home with a reverse mortgage?” would get peeled off to our legal/paralegal types. And someone who was more rate-conscious (“How do I get the lowest reverse mortgage rate?”), they would be directed to our sales team.

We were able to identify within the campaign which leads should go to which salespeople. Not only that, the cost-per-funded-loan was actually covered 100% by the origination cost. That was anywhere from 10 to 12 to even 15 percent yield going to the bottom line, it was extraordinarily profitable.

I give Aaron and his team at SearcherMagnet all the credit for being able to accomplish that. They’re great people, they’ll make the right decisions & they’re gonna make you question some of the things you’re doing internally…I’m RJ Johnson and if I were to do it again, I’d be working with Aaron.


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