What are fake and bot clicks in AdWords?

Advertising |  By on Monday, May 20, 2019


With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you should gain cost-effective, efficient marketing. You only pay when someone clicks your ad. Still, you may worry about paying for clicks that don’t help you. Competitors might overload your ads, or malicious software can flood you with clicks. AdWords calls these invalid clicks (for fake clicks) and bot clicks.


Fake Clicks

Fake clicks are attempts to click your ad for illegitimate reasons. It can include accidental clicks or double-clicks on ads, clicks from a website owner to generate income, or even concerted competitor clicks to raise your costs. You base your PPC campaign on only paying when people act on your ad. Unchecked, this activity could slash into your ROI and drive up marketing costs.


Bot Clicks

Bot clicks are a particular kind of fake clicks. Software codes create bots to make targeted clicks on ads. Thousands or even millions of clicks could drive up costs enough to push you out of business. Every day, new kinds of malicious software appear. Sophisticated developers create schemes to take advantage of security vulnerabilities. A bot click campaign might seem like low-hanging fruit to make quick money through websites that host ads.


Google Analytics Advances

The good news? Google invests significant time and money into its analytics. It looks at patterns across all its data sets. As more people try to find ways to trick the system, they create more information Google can use to identify fake and bot clicks. With these analytics, online marketing experts can help get the most out of your AdWords PPC campaign. SearcherMagnet will manage your AdWords campaign and help eliminate wasteful PPC spending.

AdWords is not the cheapest PPC program, but it gives the most potential exposure for your brand. Work with SearcherMagnet to get the greatest ROI from your AdWords efforts.


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