Should you be concerned about your PPC Program?

Advertising |  By on Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Are you just not getting the desired results from PPC? Should you be concerned, about what, and how much? These are questions only you can answer, but we can offer recommendations based on our experience. Prior to undertaking the SearcherMagnet audit and and switching to SearcherMagnet, our clients had one of the following high level concerns:


Sales are down.

Perhaps the easiest to identify- but the root cause is much tougher to isolate. How does the PPC program relate to sales are down? It’s as simple as you made an outlay (spend) on PPC and it didn’t impact your numbers how you wanted it to. PPC spend produces leads that your team works up into closed deals. This is – an arrangement that you should have unlimited budget if (IF) things are penciling out. Where’s the waste in the system?


Sales are stagnant.  

Somehow worse than sales are down, trendline moving to the right and flat . You’re running in place. Relative to what you forecast you’d do this period, you didn’t. Bummer. But which part of your PPC lead program is to blame? Maybe the problem is your people, maybe it isn’t. Relative to other lead sources, is PPC converting? What can your team tell you about the lead source, good bad or ugly?


Leads are weak / Not enough leads

Yes, it’s an oxymoron in that the leads are weak and there aren’t enough of them. You’ll know leads are weak when your sales staff complains about them. Things like interest in services other than yours, bogus/incomplete information, windowshoppers. These are all indications of waste in the system which must be rooted out. Not enough leads is trickier. Are you burning the entire advertising budget and you still don’t have enough leads? You may have a cost problem on your hands.


Profits are slim.

This objection comes direct from the bottom line, usually operations or finance. Usually, it comes along with “Not enough Leads”. In this case, the PPC program just isn’t turning a profit. The executives are seeing too many dollars going out without enough dollars coming in. It’s frustrating, because sales aren’t the problem- it’s that you’re spending too much to generate the sales. In otherwords, the PPC program is wastefully inefficient at converting ad spend into closed deals for you. Where, and why?


Hopefully this has shed light on whether you should be concerned or not. SearcherMagnet can help those who are concerned about these areas address and ultimately resolve their concerns. The best way forward is to undertake a SearcherMagnet audit to root out waste at the source. Click here to learn more about the audit’s coverage.


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